Sponsor a Farmette Donkey

The Farmette is both a rescue that adopts out animals as well as a sanctuary that provides a forever home for many donkeys and a few horses who are permanent residents here.  These animals have special needs, are older, have strong bonds with other animals here, or they have already been through enough at the hands of humans and they are here to stay.  No more changes or being moved around for them -- this is their home.  They accompany us at events, welcome all kinds of visitors and serve as wonderful examples of donkeys' different sizes, colors and personalities.  People who are considering adopting donkeys visit and they typically leave completely convinced that they want donkeys in their lives.  We hope to take a few of these donkeys to serve as therapy donkeys at retirement homes and other places in the year ahead.  There simply aren't enough good homes for all the animals in need and these donkeys and horses enjoy the stability of living at The Farmette.  Get to know some of these wonderful animals through their information below.  Come meet them.  And if you are interested in sponsoring or partially sponsoring a particular one, please let us know.  If you'd like to be a monthly sponsor, PayPal offers this as an easy to manage option.  Click on the Donate button below and select "Make this a monthly donation".  Thank you!

What does it mean to sponsor a donkey or a horse?  

Sponsoring means committing to paying for most or part of a healthy animal's annual expenses.  You can commit to a full year or just 6 months at a time.

What do I get out of being a sponsor?  

First, you get the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to save a life.  All the animals here came from horrible or vulnerable situations.  Most would be dead had they not been rescued from an auction, kill lot and the slaughter pipeline.  Their initial rescue is only the first step.  These animals require ongoing care including hay, feed, farrier work and veterinary attention.  These reality of these expenses are part of the reason that some animals end up in bad situations in the first place.  Saving their lives is their first and primary need.  Providing for their regular needs over years is equally important.  

Second, sponsors have the distinction of being able to say they sponsor or partially sponsor a donkey (or a horse).  How many people can say that?!  By doing so, you are participating in rescue work as well as helping to raise the level of consciousness about the needs of equines in this country and around the world.  You are teaming up with a huge network of people and organizations who together are making a difference in the lives of these special creatures who deserve so much better than what they sadly often receive from negligent, selfish, cruel or simply incapable humans.

And third, you can enjoy visits with "your" donkey (or horse) when perhaps you don't have the property or time to have one of your own.  Many people often tell us "I wish I had the space" or "If only I had the time to help...".  Well, this is your chance!  Sponsorship is truly meaningful and without it, sanctuaries are unable to remain in operation.  We offer a day for our sponsors to visit every month and encourage them to bring with them as many friends and family members as can fit in their vehicle.  

How much does it cost to be a sponsor?

That depends.  You can be a full sponsor or a half sponsor.  You can choose to sponsor a donkey for six months or a full year.  Your choice.  Below is a breakdown of most of our average annual expenses per healthy animal:

Full sponsor:  $120/month

Half sponsor: $60/month

I'd like to be a sponsor.  How do I set it up?

Thank you!  Please contact us and we will send you a Sponsorship Form to complete.  To donate, there are options:

You can send funds by check, e-check through your online banking system, through PayPal or Facebook.  PayPal and Facebook both offer automatic, recurring donations as an easy-to-manage option.  On PayPal, to use this feature, go to: 


At the bottom of the page, click on the Donate button and select "Make this a monthly donation" and follow the instructions provided there.  Facebook has a similar feature. 

If a particular donkey or horse captures your heart, please let us know (info@thefarmette.org).  We are also in need of sponsors for animals who are waiting to be adopted.  More information on all of them will be added soon.  For now, the names and some faces...

Aggie and Kai

Bea and Wesley

Clara and Belle



Davey and Dora


Halle and Hosanna

Hannah and Henrietta

Hope and Hark

Joey and Leah