How to Be Involved

There are many ways to be involved at The Farmette.

  • We don't offer riding lessons or boarding at The Farmette and we make no money from the animals. Animal care comes with financial costs, especially when an animal is sick or injured or when emergency care is needed. Many organizations provide estimates of what it costs to care for an average horse per year; however, real expenses depend on the size, age and condition of the animal, the local price of hay and feed, and the medical costs associated with the animal's long-term welfare (see chart below for some estimates). Our philosophy, based on Proverbs 12:10, is grounded in the belief that God expects humans to care for the needs of animals for whom He made us responsible from the very beginning. For this reason, The Farmette provides animals with hay, feed and water in good quality and quantity along with all necessary medical treatment including recommended annual vaccinations, hoof care and teeth floating. When an animal shows signs of disease or injury, and when it is possible to resolve, treat or prevent a problematic condition, we do so. But when an animal's pain is prolonged by our interventions, without any hope for healing and with a severely limited quality of life, we make the always heart-wrenching decision to end the animal's suffering peacefully. For all of these reasons, monetary donations are highly appreciated and can be made through an online donation (click on the "donate" button below) or by mail (address available upon request). We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with tax ID 82-4003833 therefore all donations are tax-deductible.

  • For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to being involved, get in touch and we can talk about it. The "Farmette Fitness" Program can save you the cost of a gym membership. Wheelbarrow and manure forks provided!

  • Come visit! Riding animals at The Farmette is not permitted for insurance reasons. But, if you would like to meet these friendly horses and donkeys - and maybe take some funny selfies! - that can definitely be arranged. Weather permitting, we also host outdoor picnics and dessert gatherings for small groups or retreats. Contact us by email for more information or to schedule a visit.

  • The Farmette regularly monitors local ads on Craigslist and in newspapers watching for vulnerable horses and donkeys and then following up with the sellers. If you would like to do that in your local area, contact us and we can tell you what we do. Sellers are often very surprised (and grateful) to be made aware that that donkeys and horses are shipped for slaughter, and many are quite open to suggestions on how to find new, safe homes for their animals. For more information, see our suggestions for how to sell or rehome a horse or donkey safely.

  • Are you interested in providing a home for a horse or a donkey? Fantastic!!! There are so many who desperately need homes. Many rescues are overwhelmed and auctions enjoy an endless supply of animals. Contact us and we can help connect you with many reputable rescues across the country. There are horses and donkeys of every breed, color, sex, age and size who need homes. Your geographical location is not an insurmountable problem. If you are in an area where "It's hard to get a donkey", we can still help you. There are reputable equine shippers all across the United States who will haul horses and donkeys anywhere for reasonable prices (remember that gas, insurance and in-transit care are expenses for these haulers who are trying to make a living). If we can help you provide a much-needed home for a horse or donkey, please get in touch with us. Fill out our adoption application if you are close enough to one of our locations. You can find it on our webpage under "Forms".

  • Would you like to be a foster or a quarantine foster for new rescues or for animals waiting for their own forever homes? Please contact us and we can provide more information about that.

  • And you can pray! Pray for protection for all those who interact with our animals, especially our vets, farriers and dental technicians who often place themselves in very vulnerable positions as they treat animals at The Farmette. Some horses are on the small side but still weigh approximately 1,000 each, so even an accidental hoof-on-foot moment can cause injury. Our amazing donkeys are very sweet and well-mannered, but they are not always huge fans of injections or hoof trimmers -- and they will clearly say so with their flying feet! Pray also that God uses The Farmette for all the purposes He has in mind.